How to Pass a Urine Drug Test Fast

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If you want to start working for some company that has a mandatory drug test as the pre-employment process, you have to find a way to avoid failing it. When you search online for various techniques and tips, you will see a wide array of possibilities, and we are here to present you the best one yet.

Pass a Urine Drug Test Fast

There is one way to pass a urinalysis especially if you enjoy consuming marijuana because THC stays in your system the longest. The idea is to drink lots of fluids before the test, and even though some people state that it is not efficient, and that laboratory will notice it, you will be able to beat a drug test if you follow strict guidelines.

By diluting the urine, you will be able to cut the number of cannabis metabolites to half, and even up to 75% based on your preferences. Since there are numerous tests available on the market, you should check out the Wal Mart drug test Youtube video to understand how it functions and what you should do if you want to pass it with ease.

Diluting Urine

Diluting Urine

This particular method works, and that is the first thing you should have in mind. But you have to follow guidelines that don’t include only drinking lots of fluids. Urine dilution sounds simple enough, but most laboratories will check whether you tampered with the urine sample, and as soon as they notice the level of dilution, they will treat it as a failure and urge you to give another example under supervision.

How Do They Notice That Urine Is Diluted?

  • Visual appearance – The first thing that you should understand is that clear urine indicates dilution, so if your urine doesn’t feature proper, yellowish color, they will treat it as diluted based on visual appearance.
  • Creatinine – Another thing to have in mind is that creatinine is a by-product of muscle metabolism that you will have in your urine. Creatinine will measure your kidney function, but it is also a common way for testing companies to check whether your urine is diluted or not.
  • Specific gravity – This particular measure will give them the ability to check the density of your urine. They will determine the frequency by monitoring the concentration of solutes. If you have electrolytes and other molecules in your urine, it will have more massive specific gravity, which will cause you to fail as a result. Check out this link: to see what specific gravity is.

The first thing that you should have in mind before you decide to alter your urine is that in all cases the risks for failing are significant. This particular protocol will provide you the ability to pass, but even if you do everything we mention here, there are chances that you will fail.

How to Pass A Urinalysis?

Buy Appropriate Supplies

  • THC tests – You can choose any brand that you can find on the market, but we recommend you select the one that will measure five different levels of THC metabolites. Most cheap strips will provide you only one level, so you won’t be able to determine the number of cannabinoids in your urine.
  • Test strips for creatinine – You should also check the test strips for five levels of creatinine, and you should go up to 20 mg/dL, which is the best level for drug testing. Some tests will also check out the specific gravity of your urine, which is another thing that you should understand before you go to the laboratory.
  • Vitamin B Complex – It doesn’t matter which brand you choose, because this is an important part of passing a drug test because it will make your urine yellowish even though it is diluted.
  • Electrolyte drink – Apart from drinking lots of water, you should find some electrolyte sports drink that will help you maintain the levels of nutrients and salts within your body.

Test Day

Three hours before the test you should start with heavy hydration with water and electrolyte drink that you purchased. However, you should be aware that if you overdrink the water, you can get poisoning, so do not overdo it.

One hour before the test, you should take 200mg of vitamin B complex. The idea for hydrating three hours before the test means that you will have enough time to boost the amount of urine so that you can urinate at least a few times before you go to the trial.

After three hours of drinking fluids, your urine output will be the same way as hydration rate, so your kidneys will remove one liter of fluids, which means that you won’t accumulate water to get intoxication.

Vitamin B complex is the best way to color your urine, mainly because it will look colorless, which is the best way for administrators to notice that you’ve tampered with the results.

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