Personality: What is Yours?

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Knowing what your personality type can help in your personal growth. Reflect to find out what your personality type is: we can have several characteristics of different personality types.


Types of personality


They are people obsessed with perfection; are very rational and apply discipline in an extreme way. They are authoritarian and demanding with themselves and with others.

Loyal and dependent

They value trust and sincerity a lot; are very friendly and dedicated to others. When you identify with someone you are completely loyal, trustworthy and responsible. They have a special sensitivity.

Provocative and challenging

They are that kind of person who never agrees with others. “Being counter” is their most prominent feature. They need to command, dominate and stand out, even if it is for their differences.

Caregiver and Cooperator

They are more interested in the well-being of the other than of themselves. They worry excessively with each other; they are generous, a little possessive and very loving. They are sensitive and altruistic; they like to help without expecting anything in return.

Enthusiastic and extrovert

They are cheerful, spontaneous, funny and very active people. They like to socialize and participate in new projects; are ambitious and impulsive. They need constant and varied activities and direct contact with people so they do not feel bored.

Individualist and introvert

Unlike the previous personality, the individualistic and introverted person is a reserved person. He prefers to be alone with his ideas and projects rather than in groups.

Researcher and creator

They are very independent; want to create research and invent what does not yet exist. They are like sponges, they use everything they learn to go beyond and innovate.

There is not one kind of personality better than the other. Furthermore, know more tips about ‘how to be a cool guy’.