What Is Graves Disease?

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Many people ask themselves what is graves disease without coming to any conclusive answer. This is because there are varied definitions to this terminology. The condition is scientifically referred to as Graves-Basedow disorder named after Irish and also German medics who autonomously identified and illustrated the condition during the 1800s.

This particular disease is more frequent in women as compared to men. There are no permanent cures for Graves disorder but in developed nations like US there exists several minor curative procedures that will keep the disease properly controlled.

What Is Graves Disease

Some popular symptoms for those suffering from Graves disorder comprise difficulty falling asleep and also constant tiredness. Individuals with Graves’ disorder tend to be very irritable and may also develop anxiety disorders.

Oversensitivity to heat, loss of weight, too much sweating, rapid heartbeat, excessive bowel movements, expanded thyroid glands along with incessant limb tremors are all indicators that can help one answer the query of what is graves disease more effectively.

Grave’s disorder when left untreated for long periods would result to a serious eye dysfunction known as ‘ophthalmopathy.’ Here, the sufferer’s eyes would become overly swollen thereby making eyeballs to thrust forward. When such happens the eyes would dry up and become very irritable.

Moreover, they would be continually tearing up due to oversensitivity to light radiation. Sometimes one can develop ulcers at the eye which would lead to blurred eyesight or dual vision. In severe cases your eyes would become restricted when it comes to movement.

Another rare symptom of Graves disorder is excessive skin reddening which generally occurs on someone’s shins or at tips of his/her feet. Ones skin may even become inflamed incase such a scenario happens.

Generally, a well functioning thyroid system serves to regulate certain vital body functions which include metabolic as well as digestive courses. However, someone suffering from graves disorder would have the immune system produce a certain antibody called ‘thyrotropin.’

This substance would attack ones thyroid making it manufacture excessive dosages of a hormone known as thyroxine. When the substance is produced body mechanisms would be tampered with thereby resulting in grave tissue dysfunctions. Scientists have not yet pinpointed the exact cause of this disorder but have tried to subjectively answer to what is graves disease by proposing factors like heredity, age, gender and stress amongst others.

Remember that Graves disease comprises very serious complications which if not treated promptly would be quite fatal. Hyperthyroidism state which is linked to this circumstance may result to extremely rapid heart tempo; this may further lead to serious coronary diseases.

Since one is unable to utilize calcium wholesomely then he/she may develop very brittle bones that would be prone to fractures. In worse cases, thyrotoxic catastrophe can occur which is when all of the already existing symptoms abruptly get worse than they were before.

This condition needs urgent medical intervention as the patient can collapse when treatment is delayed. What is graves disease is better answered by first assessing your own symptoms and then looking for the best remedial interventions based on such symptoms.