Has Your Weight Loss Stagnated? Here You Have 5 Solutions

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Your diet and exercise-based weight loss plan was working well until the similar numbers suddenly appear on the weight-scale week after week. That is common: being trapped on a weight loss table finally happens to many women and men trying weight loss, despite keeping up the same exercises and eating routine.

If you have not seen any progress lately, do not be discouraged, move again in the right direction and achieve your goals with these tips.


Try these solutions

  1. Reassess your habits

Check your diet and physical activities. Ensure that you are consuming small portions of foods or exercising more.

  1. Cut more calories

Reduce your every day calorie by 200, as long as you don’t place it below 1,200. It is not enough to consume bellow 1,200 calories per day to prevent any further hungry feelings constantly, which can increases the risk of eating more. The less calorie consumption must be sustainable over time. If it is not, you will get back the fatts you have lost and more.

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  1. Improve your training

Increase the time of exercise by about half an hour. You can also try to increase the exercise intensity if you think that is possible. The extra exercise will make you burn extra calories. Think about increasing resistance or bodybuilding activities. Getting more muscle mass can assist you lose more fats.

  1. Stay active all day

Think when you not in gym. Do more the common physical activities all over the day by walking and driving less the car, or try to do more work in the garden or vigorous cleaning.


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Pay more attention on your efforts to weight loss and realize that the plateaus are only part of the plan. 

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