Seven Manageable Ways to Lose Weight For Good

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If you always struggled to lose weight or trying to lose weight today, then do yourself a favour get yourself weighed, note your weight and then chuck out the weight scale. The old weight scale is not the measurement of your health. Instead, it is about making certain changes gradually for a healthier and happier lifestyle. If you can make those positive adjustments and take the first steps towards losing the body fat, you are well on your way to success. Below are tips to help you slash the belly fat


1. Keep your weight loss goals manageable. Each small goal you reach will have a positive influence on your future gains. Let’s face it the more goals you can achieve the happier you will be. Smaller goals are easier to maintain

2. Build Strength – muscles are great, and it gives you that tone and a physique that you will be proud of. And to the contrary of what most people believe, muscles for women are great. Not only is it great for your body, but great for your bones too. So build muscles and burn the fat off.

3. Forget the silly 2-hour cardio sessions – instead get into interval training as it requires less time which is great for busy people, and produces far more effective results. Try to get in at least 3 sessions a week

4. Don’t fuss about it – in case you still thinking about the weight scale, you will have fewer worries if you do not work yourself over every bit of your weight. Throw it out! If you have a plan, follow it. take action and try to get on with life.

Just like Melissa McCarthy weight loss journey, she kept it boring like not worrying over how much you lost today, the next day and then the next. She kept at it, got plenty of fiber, protein, carbs and the good fat into her meals. As well, she slept early, worked out and stayed healthy in meaningful way.

5. Why not cut down on sugary drinks, fizzy drinks and energy drinks. In general consuming too much of sugar is not good for your teeth and body. So try to cut it down and with the aim to be off those drinks in say 6 to 8 weeks. It will do wonders for your weight loss, and save you money.

6. Say NO to crazy Fad diets. You must get your carbs, healthy fat, fiber, and protein. So eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, fish and lean meat. And avoid the fatty parts of the meat as much as possible. There are the delicious parts of the meat, but it is just not good for your health. So before you shovel them into your mouth, ask yourself “Is it worth it?”

7. Give yourself a treat every week! Losing weight does not mean cutting yourself from the world. So why not say, once a week or fortnight give yourself a meal of your favourite food. Whether it be pizza, ice cream, a slice of cake, take out, just stick to a sensible portion and eat sensibly.

Weight loss is all about making changes for the better. Do it slowly and make it manageable to the key to long-term weight loss. To measure your own progress and success, please ignore the weight scales, and take note of the strength you have built up to overcome the obstacles, the courage and ability to make changes, the endurance to last and continue on, your health, and most of all your happiness.

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