Weight Loss Myths You Need to Stop Thinking About

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The internet is a huge source of information in general, and when it comes to weight loss the pieces of advice never seem to stop. However, you cannot believe everything you read. Most of the things online ‘experts’ tell you are unproven theories, attempts to promote weight loss products or simply misconceptions or lies. These are the main weight loss myths you may have come across.

Weight Loss Myths You Need to Stop Thinking About

All Calories Are the Same

At first glance, you may think that one is actually true. But you would be wrong. The source of the calories you consume is very important. For instance, proteins and carbs won’t have the same effect on your body, even if it’s the same number of calories. Not all calories are the same, and that is really important because it can help you re-evaluate your diet.

I Will Lose Weight at a Steady Rhythm

That one is so far from being true! There is actually no logic behind it. Just like other processes in your body, losing weight is a fluctuant process. It depends on many factors, like how you retain water, your hormones, the state of your digestive system. That’s why you shouldn’t panic if at some point you seem to stop losing weight. It’s just a phase, and it will pass.

Weight Loss Supplements Can Help you Lose Weight

Few of them do. But that small percentage was enough to convince people they can help. So now there’s an entire industry created on that assumption. While it is true that some herbs can have a small influence on weight loss for some people, most of it is just flashy advertising and false promise. More than that, some of those supplements are actually dangerous, so think twice before trying them.

Rapid Weight Loss

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably won’t work. Rapid weight loss sounds amazing. Who doesn’t want to know how to lose thigh fat in 3 days, for instance? There are things you can do to boost your weight loss, but 3 days wonders don’t really exist. You need a good weight loss routine that you must follow constantly to get in shape and stay that way.

You Have Weight Issues Because You Lack Willpower

That’s not exactly true. While your determination is crucial in the weight loss process, it’s not the only major factor involved. You may have a medical condition or physical restrictions that prevent you from reaching your goals. Not to mention your hormones may be working against you.

You Have to Stop Eating after 6 pm If You Want to Lose Weight

There is a little bit of truth behind this myth, meaning that if you eat both during the day and late at night you will gain weight. But it all depends on your lifestyle and sleeping hours. Intermittent fasting is the perfect proof this is just a myth.

So, the best thing to do is turn to specialists before starting your weight loss process. And if you want to get your information online, check it carefully to see if it’s right.