Prenatal Care and Treatment for first time moms

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Prenatal Care and Treatment for first time moms

Carrying a baby in your womb comes with a big responsibility. I know that you are used to a lifestyle, where you do anything that you wished to. But being pregnant for the first time is different because you are in a condition, where everything in your body changes. There is a life that you need to protect and bear for 9 months. As a first time mom, this is indeed a very big challenge because you know nothing about pregnancy. So, it is very important for you to know what is right and wrong.

Every mom would love to give the best care and treatment for their babies. That’s why you have to go for a regular checkup in clinics like NC Women’s Clinic or the nearest hospital near you. If you can do this, then your pregnancy terms would be safer for you and your baby. Some pregnant women like teenagers hide their pregnancies. So, they do not seek for a professional’s advice. If you do the same thing that teens do, then you are putting you and your baby’s health may be at risk.

Lucky are those whose parents were there during their first time pregnancy because they will be guided. So, keeping it as a secret won’t help. By the way, your tummy will grow and your body may expand because of the physical changes. So, what’s the point of hiding, right? What you really need to focus on is about how you are going to take care of the baby while in your womb and what treatments you need.

Finding a doctor

If you are going to seek for an expert’s advice, then you have to make sure that this doctor specializes in pregnancy and childbirth. Pretty sure that there are obstetricians and gynecologists or OB/GYNs in your area. This doctor can give you help you about your pregnancy concerns and issues at hand.

It is also very important for you to ask for your OB/GYNs recommendation, when you are suffering from health problems, such as heart diseases or diabetes. Anything that concerns your health must be reported to your doctor for proper care and treatment. You cannot just take any medicine that may affect the baby’s development. So, make sure that whatever pill you are taking when you were not yet pregnant must be checked.      

Checkup Schedule

You have to visit your OB/GYN’s clinic when you know that you have a schedule. You must be there every 4 weeks and this must be completed within 28 weeks. It could also be that your schedule is to visit the clinic every 2 weeks and it must be done until the 36th week. And then, be mindful about the last month of your pregnancy because you have to be there at least once a week.

Why do you need to always go to the doctor? Your condition must be properly monitored and recorded. Through this, the expert will know, if there is an irregularity during your pregnancy. For example, you may be experiencing heart palpitations. Anyway, reading additional info about this condition would be helpful. I know that a lot of women out there are also going for checkups, but you have to be very patient. If possible, bring someone with you, especially when the pregnancy is too sensitive.


Gaining Weight

Most soon to be moms usually gain weight. Let’s say that you will be gaining 25 to 35 pounds, if you have a normal or average weight. While others gain 15 to 25 pounds or 28 to 40 pounds. Well, this is normal, but you also need to watch your diet.

This diet has something to do with the foods that you are eating. It would be great, if you are going to eat healthy and nutritious foods. Through this, your baby will come out as a healthy baby. If possible, you have to take 300 more calories for your baby’s nourishment.

It is also recommended to eat foods rich in protein, calcium, iron, folic acid and vitamins. Therefore, it is ideal to have fruits, vegetables and grains. And then, you may also need some light exercises like walking. Doctors also give prescriptions, such as milk and pills that would be very helpful for and serve as a supplement your daily needs.