Yoga for Weight Loss: What is the Secret of Success?

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No wonder, in this time, yoga offers a way to find relaxation and harmony, learn to listen to your body and meet its needs. It relieves stress, improves fitness, movement coordination. It has great influence also for weight loss.


How to lose fat with yoga?

It has positive impact on the human body and psyche to a great extent. No wonder, it benefited both Eastern and Western civilizations as a recipe for well-being, health and beauty. Now we focus on following benefits of yoga for weight loss:

  1. Caloric expenditure

Although, classical Yoga is not compared with aerobics, dynamically in any way, go at it about the same calories as playing table tennis. The energetic workout yoga you choose, the more you burn. It is most effective to participate in hot yoga class to burn up to 800 calories more than aerobics.

  1. The mechanism of combustion and fat loss

The secret of yoga for weight loss is a different mechanism of combustion compared with running, cycling and other aerobic activities. There, it burns primarily carbohydrates and proteins, while yoga is just the opposite. Moreover, it starts metabolism for long-term burning. Making pathways to release energy and getting rid of body fat, which otherwise would not disappear.

  1. To improve the metabolism and endocrine system

Yoga uses a series of positions called Asanas, to strengthen and promote the proper functioning of the body. A number of exercises directly lead to kick digestion and activities of specific organs, abdominal and endocrine glands. The body starts to produce more hormones, which also assist in weight loss.

  1. Improving sleep and relive stress

Without quality sleep, you cannot produce enough energy and lose weight. Sometimes, the sleep is disturbed due to stress. Just 20 minutes of workout yoga, can calm the mind and body for long hours. It also leads to lose weight.

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