Did You Know Rhinoplasty is the Top Cosmetic Procedure for Men?

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The number one plastic surgery procedure men undergo is elective rhinoplasty (nose job), and it has a very high satisfaction rate. Rhinoplasty is so popular among men because they don’t feel inhibited by the stigma that only actors and models receive plastic surgery, and they want to look and feel great. Having a nose job can give men a boost of self-esteem and increase their confidence as they obtain the nose shape and appearance they desire.

Common Reasons Men Seek Rhinoplasty

As more men focus on healthy bodies and fitness to improve their life, they also seek to improve their appearance. A man may wish to alter the nose shape they’ve inherited from their family genetics or simply want a smaller or more refined version of their current nose. A nose that has a bump, is too thin, has a bulbous tip or any other aesthetic issues can make a man feel self-conscious about his facial appearance. Other reasons men seek rhinoplasty include:

  • Desire for a better side profile
  • Want to change their nose but still look like themselves
  • Feeling distracted, embarrassed or annoyed by their nose
  • Desire to fix the aesthetic damage from an old nose injury
  • Need to fix breathing problems like deviated septum

Considerations for Male Rhinoplasty

The motivation for men seeking rhinoplasty is different for each person, but as long as they have realistic goals and are in good health, most men are good candidates for this plastic surgery procedure. It’s important that men seek specialists in rhinoplasty because nasal surgery is different from other forms of plastic surgery. A proper consultation involves listening closely to the patient’s concerns and goals in order to achieve the best results, as explained by specialists at Belcara Health.


It takes precision and meticulous surgical technique to perform the complicated plastic surgery properly, and having an experienced specialist perform the procedure can aid and speed recovery time. On the small chance that a complication arises, an expert in this type of plastic surgery can handle it smoothly and ensure a positive healing process. The best rhinoplasty surgeons give their patients a nose with improved structure, strength, longevity, function, and aesthetics. The new nose will enhance other facial features and create a balanced appearance, as it looks good in both front and profile views with all details in harmony. Men who undergo this plastic surgery should always come out looking like an improved version of himself and not like a completely different person.

Realistic Expectations Regarding Rhinoplasty

When a man is considering rhinoplasty, he needs to have realistic goals or he’s not a viable candidate for the plastic surgery procedure. A nose job can’t make someone look like their favorite sports figure or actor, and counting on it to improve a career isn’t a good reason to elect the procedure. Although an improved appearance and the confidence that comes with it may help a career, it doesn’t guarantee a promotion. A man should undergo plastic surgery because they want to do it and not because someone else thinks he should.

Fast, Positive Rhinoplasty Results

Rhinoplasty provides relatively fast results as a man can expect to see the desired improvement after the doctor removes the splint. When the two-week recovery period ends and the bruises and initial swelling subside, the patient should be pleased with the outcome. Although the majority of the swelling goes down in 1-3 months, residual swelling can last for up to a year. In most cases, it is only the patient who notices the swelling because it’s subtle and diminishes with time. Whether a man shares that he’s had plastic surgery or not is entirely up to him because quite often the change in their central facial feature goes unobserved by casual observers once healing is complete. Even if no one outright mentions the change, it’s common for men to receive compliments on their eyes and smile that they’ve never received before now that their face has improved balance.