What to Pack for Your Gastric Sleeve Surgery Hospital Stay

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Having a gastric sleeve surgery is a significant step towards attaining a healthy lifestyle. However, preparation for the hospital stay for a procedure like gastric sleeve in NYC can be nerve-wracking. This article will guide you on essentials you should pack for your hospital stay, aiding your comfort and making a remarkable difference in your recovery journey.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Hospital


Pack loose and comfortable clothes for your hospital stay. You’ll want clothes that are easy to put on and take off, especially because post-operative mobility can initially be limited after a gastric sleeve surgery.


Comfortable, non-slip shoes or slippers are essential. The hospital’s floors can be slick, and safe footwear will help you maintain your balance as you start moving around after surgery.

Personal Care Items

Bring your regular toiletries along like a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and unscented soap, ensuring your comfort by making you feel more at home.


While the hospital will provide necessary medications for your post-surgical needs, it’s advisable to pack your regularly prescribed medications if any. Consult with your doctor before your hospital stay to know which ones you can bring.

Entertainment Items

Look for items that will help pass the time, like books, tablet, laptop, or a journal. It can also be therapeutic writing down your thoughts and feelings about the process.

Important Documents

Pack essential documents such as your identification, health insurance card, and list of current medications. A copy of your living will or health care proxy could be useful too.

In conclusion, conscientious packing can make your gastric sleeve surgery hospital stay comfortable. Opting for a gastric sleeve is sure to have you on a secure journey toward a healthier lifestyle. With essential items close by, you can focus on what really matters during your time at the hospital: your recovery.

Remember, this list is merely a guide. What’s most important is you bring what would make you feel most at home for your stay at the hospital. Good luck on your journey towards a healthier life.