Elderly Care at Home: 5 Things to Watch Out For!

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As life expectancy increases, there are also concerns about the elderly. How to take care of your routine and hygiene in the best way? Some find that they do not need specific care in their day to day life and that they manage to become alone. But it is important to note that, after the age of 80, they need special elderly nurse (perawat lansia, which is the term in Indonesian) for monitoring to maintain physical and mental health.

Elderly Care at Home

To help you with this task, here are five things to keep in mind when it comes to caring for the elderly at home!

  1. Correct feeding

In general, it is necessary to have a healthy diet, which includes vegetables, fruits and natural juices. Be very careful when preparing your meals. Stay away from fats and fries, which can harm the heart or raise bad cholesterol rates.

  1. Hygiene

This is one of the essential factors for the quality of life of any person and, even more, of the elderly. The most suitable is that the space is adapted to your needs to facilitate the day to day.

  1. Security

Having a safe, untrammeled home is one of the most important things when it comes to caring for the elderly. Leaving a flashlight with the elderly is a good way to avoid domestic accidents because of the darkness.

  1. Medications

Pay attention to the medicines in the care routine. If you prefer to organize the medicines, a good tip is to separate them according to the shift of the day.

  1. Social life

It is essential to encourage the elderly to leave the home to have social interaction. This is good for him and will encourage him to relax, such as a walk or a movie session with his friends.

Care for the elderly should be prioritized in their routine, so that their quality of life is the best possible.

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