Why 2020 Has to be Our Year for Better Health!

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I also excited about 2020! There are so many reasons why wellness is going to be on our minds more than ever before. Not only because of the amazing new products soon to be launched that will encourage us to optimize our health but I think we (as a society) are understanding how important it is for us to make our health a priority.

With the wellness industry being well over a few trillion dollars, that leaves room for ideas, products, trends, and technology to overwhelm and/or confuse the average consumer. The most important thing we need to know and keep in the front of our mind is “WHY”. Why do you want to live your healthiest and best life possible?

Why 2020 Has to be Our Year for Better Health

What Is Your Why?

You have to know WHY you do what you do. Knowing that will help you filter out anything else. Our WHY will motivate us to make small changes! It will encourage us to eat healthily and exercise.

Are you tired of having a careless YOLO mentality about food? Your attitude about food up until now has to lead you to eat whatever you want because “you’re going to die one day so you might as well enjoy it”? While that might “feel good” now, it won’t when you get older.  We shouldn’t be a burden on our family when we get older all because we choose not to take care of ourselves early on.

Are you a mom who has put yourself on the back burner? I know it’s hard. You have kids, a job, hectic schedules and a long list of other daily “must do’s”. You sacrifice your health so your family can keep functioning. Find time to take care of yourself. If you feel overwhelmed or stressed out, that’s even more of a reason. All of these things are so important in order for you to take care of those kids but in order for you to do that, you need to take care of yourself first.

Are you a dad or a husband with lots of stress and pressure to provide for your family? Dads, the stress for you is real. The long hours at work… A restless night of sleep… no other option but to grab fast food while on the go. No time to focus on yourself. Not to add any more to your plate but your family needs you here. It is so important for you guys to take an honest look at yourself and see where you can make changes so you can be your healthiest because you have people depending on you.

Are you striving to live longer so you can have more time to spend with your family?  We want to live a full life full of adventure and special memories with the ones we love for as long as we can while we are our healthiest. We don’t want to miss out because we are unable to participate due to health conditions.

Are you already pretty healthy and you just want to make it a lifestyle? You would be surprised how much your health will increase just by making small tweaks to your current lifestyle. It will make you feel younger, give you more energy and drop a few pounds as an added bonus!

Are you on a mission to change the direction of your family and break generational curses of unhealthy habits so we don’t continue to hand them down to generations to come? Are you wanting to make sure you don’t get the “hereditary diseases” your parents or grandparents suffered from? Some of them are not necessarily genetic, but more so learned behavior. Think about it like this… are you at risk for heart-related conditions because your parents had it OR do you eat the same way they did which will result in your diagnosis? We pick up unhealthy habits from our parents. We need to break this cycle and start showing our children how to eat and be healthy so they can pass them to generations to come.

Are you wanting to be more intentional and educate yourselves on what you are consuming daily and putting into your body and your family? Even if you are thin and active. You might look healthy from the outside but on the inside, you may very well be deficient or lacking nutrients.

I’m sure by now you have identified which one of these you are. This article is only intended for those looking to optimize your health and improve their quality of life.  Some of you are already doing it. That’s awesome! Keep it up! In a way, this is more of an open letter to myself…

Unfortunately, we can develop diseases, cancer and other debilitating illnesses that are beyond our control. All we can do is take charge of what we can control.  If all it takes is being honest with yourself and making a few changes to your current lifestyle, WHY NOT? You owe it to yourselves to be the best you can be. YOU deserve it!

Why 2020 Has to be Our Year for Better Health

One Small Change At A Time

If you were to make one small change today, what would that be?

What is keeping you from making that change?

We can’t afford NOT to make a change. Time is passing us by one day at a time. We deserve to live our best life possible.

There are so many things in life that cause us to worry but our health shouldn’t be one of them. In order to make that a reality, we need to change and fast before it’s too late.

WE MUST START TODAY! It’s never “too late”. If you are reading this right now, you are right on time.

Where do I start?

Start with food. Next time you go to the grocery store, try to shop the parameter of the store as much as you can. This is where you will find the healthiest options are. Try to avoid junk and processed food. Pinterest has amazing healthy recipes for you to try. Also, challenge yourself to only drink water throughout the day.

Find ways through your day to optimize your mental and physical health… Yoga, meditation, walking or exercising is a great way to do both at once. Try to squeeze it in a few days a week.

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Why 2020 Has to be Our Year for Better Health


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