Health Benefits of Dog Ownership

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Dogs can be your workout buddy or training mate. But more than anything, they can become a loyal companion and a lifelong member of your family. A pet can bring endless joy to your daily life. Whether you have had a pooch your whole life, or are looking to bring one into your family for the first time, this site will provide you with useful information and facts on what is involved. By opting for the adoption option you are giving an animal an opportunity for a second chance. By adopting a canine or puppy from RSPCA Australia you can change a life forever. And they will change yours too, with devotion, unconditional love and happiness.


Dog ownership is a satisfying experience that encourages healthier living and brings great happiness to people’s lives. It also brings with it a level of duty and dedication to ensure all the physical and emotional needs of the dog are met. Pet ownership may not be for everyone. We ask people to carefully take into consideration a number of factors.

If you are thinking of owning a dog, ask yourself:

  • Am I in a financial position to meet the recurring costs related with caring for a pup?
  • Do I have the setting to ensure a pooch is safe and protected at all times?
  • Does my current daily life allow me quality time to work out, play and spend time with a doggy?
  • Am I committed to care for a dog its whole life, which for some breeds can be around 15 years?

Things that you will need (essential items)

  • Training collar (no choke)
  • Food and water bowls
  • Dog or puppy food
  • Cozy bedding.
  • Puppy basket, kennel or sheltered space outdoors.
  • Squeaky toys or balls for physical stimulation.
  • Food treats.
  • Poop scooper and bags.
  • Pet grooming and cleaning products.
  • Tick, worm and flea control products.