Foods That Help Improve your Sex Life

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One of the most basic desires of man is to experience pleasure in life and the best method to do that is to have sex. Having a good sex life is important to your physical and mental health. Sex is one of the most potent desires in humans. It’s medically proven that having sex regularly brings you closer to your partner and physically makes your healthier. It reduces stress levels, boosts immunity and makes your skin glow. Having sex releases natural pain killers in our body called Oxytocin which relieves pain. Need any more reasons to have sex?

Nowadays we are seeing a decreasing trend in people who want to have sex. They see it as a chore rather than a pleasuring experience. For example in Britain, the latest poll states that national libido has declined significantly since 2008. Men state that they are not happy with their Penis sizes leading to confidence and performance issues. Increasing stress levels in men has led to decreasing sex drives. It is really depressing to note that having sex has become a formality of sorts than a simple pleasuring and romantic experience with your partner.

Well, those were all the sad facts. Let’s get on the good news wagon. Doctors in reputed institutes all over the world have suggested some simple things to boost sex lives. FOOD!

Can you believe that just by eating the right foods will boost your libido and help you have a good sex life! READ ON.

Doctors suggest the following to boost libido and improve Sex lives:

Strawberries and raspberries

The seeds of these fruits contain Zinc which is important for sex in both men and women. Let’s just say berries are sexy. They’re rich in vitamin C and has lots of antioxidants, which is proven to increase sperm counts in men. For a more exciting option, dip the berries in dark chocolate, which has methylxanthines knows for improving libido.


These super fruits contain Vitamin E which has antioxidant properties, potassium and vitamin B6 that promotes better blood flow. Anything that helps heart and circulation is good for sex.


Walnuts are proven to improve the quality of sperm. It is known to improve movement and vitality of the sperm. It also reduces chances of infertility.


Steak is one of the best ingredients to boost your sex life-it contains zinc, vitamin B, iron and protein. These compounds improve libido in both men and women. Go for a date and make sure to include steak in the food. Thank us later!

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