Foods to Avoid When You’re Constipated

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We feel very dull when we’re constipated. Many of the common foods can lead to constipation. So, it’s important that you think twice before consuming any foods when you’re constipated. Keeping this in mind, we’ve made a list of foods that can worsen your condition if you continue eating them. Let’s check them out below:

Foods to Avoid When You’re Constipated

Dairy Products

Ice cream, cheese, and other products made from milk are recognized as constipating foods. According to many nutritionists, consuming dairy products for a long period can cause constipation. if you’re already struggling with constipation, it’s highly recommended that you stay away from dairy products. These products are low in fiber and high in fat, which is the main reason it’s considered dangerous for people with constipation. You should try vegetables and fruits instead.

Red Meat

Although red meat isn’t a direct cause of constipation, the main disadvantage of consuming red meat regularly is that it takes place of fiber rich options in our diet. If you can’t resist your urge to eat meat, you should prefer meat recipes containing salad and vegetables.


You’re supposed to stay away from snacks as they contribute a lot to constipation. Fat-rich foods like potato chips usually cause delayed digestion, leading to fullness feeling that promotes constipation. In order to get a relief from constipation, look for low-fat snack foods containing whole grains to boost your fiber intake.


You would be surprised to know that bananas can either provide you with a relief from constipation or worsen your constipation. Fully ripe bananas are high in soluble fiber that can help promote bowel movement.  So, it’s important that you pick fully ripe banana to eliminate constipation issues.

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