CBD vs Hemp Oil, Do You Know the Difference?

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In market, access to cannabis products is still very deficient in quantity compared with demand, except by producing at home illegally, importing illegally, or trying to enter the restricted list of people who are authorized by ANVISA to import CBD legally at exorbitant prices.


On the other hand, a question has been raised about the difference between cannabis oil and Cannabis oil, the now famous Canabidiol or simply CBD, which is already the darling world-wide and as famous as THC.

Because of this, the Hemp Industries Association issued a statement showing the differences between the two substances, so that medical marijuana users are no more confused and not cheated by possible lying labels.

Hemp is often misidentified for Cannabis. Appreciating being derived from same plant, if you smoke 100 Hemp based sticks, you will feel virtually nothing of relaxing, euphoric effects or any change in your state of awareness that are caused by THC. This is because hemp has low THC levels, approximately 0.06% and can reach 1.7%.

“As Hemp development and research programs are increasing dramatically and the retail market is increasing at an amazing pace, it is critical that retailers and consumers understand the CBD and Hemp oil,” said Eric Steenstra, chief executive officer of Hemp Industries Association.

Hemp oil has low level of CBD and is taken from seeds of Cannabis ruderalis, CBD oil is taken from seeds of the female flowers of Cannabis Indica, which have approximately 15% CBD.

The CBD cannot be extracted from Cannabis seeds.

Stay alert and do not buy Cannabis products believing they contain CBD.

Some factories of Hemp products are fooling consumers in the US, making them believe that these products contain a certain amount of CBD. Hemp oil has no CBD.

You can get pure CBD from only authorized companies.

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