How Often are Acne Laser Treatments Performed?

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Laser and light therapies are gaining increased popularity for the treatment of acne. These treatments are relatively short, making it easy to fit appointments into your busy schedule. As an added benefit, they are virtually painless and are not associated with significant side effects. However, everyone is unique and will respond to laser therapies differently. This can affect the amount of treatments you will need to see a noticeable reduction in breakouts. If you have been considering getting laser treatments for acne, take a moment to learn more about the process to see if it is right for your needs.

How Often are Acne Laser Treatments Performed

How Does Laser Therapy Work?

Laser therapy may sound intimidating at first, but is actually a simple and efficient process. Treatments aren’t used to treat acne alone. They are also used for other cosmetic purposes such as reducing signs of aging and tightening the skin. In the case of acne, lasers work by producing intense monochromatic light which produces heat. This heat is emitted to the sebaceous (oil) glands on the face. This is where acne starts. By depositing strategic amounts of heat, the glands will eventually clear out excessive amounts of oil and shrink in size, causing them to produce less oil in the future. Fortunately, laser treatments only deposit heat to the affected areas and will not hurt the top layer of your skin. This is because the lighting techniques used are designed to target certain substances only, such as oil, debris and even tattoo ink in some cases.

When Can You Expect to See Results?

No two bodies are exactly alike. As a result, the skin may react to treatments differently, which can cause results to vary greatly. However, most people start to see significant results in as little as two treatments while others may take up to 12 weeks to see their acne start to clear. Six treatments over the course of several weeks seems to be the average amount it takes most people to get their acne under control. Touch up treatments conducted once every few months thereafter may also be beneficial for maintaining your results. It is important to keep in mind that treatments do not only work while the heat is emitted. Laser therapy for acne continues to provide clearing benefits long after your session is over.

However, it is important to follow your doctor or dermatologist’s instructions carefully to get the best results and avoid side effects such as irritation and redness. They may require you to alter your current skincare regimen, apply sunscreen daily or use a special topical cream to enhance your results and keep your skin healthy throughout your treatment phase. The results of laser treatment for acne can be well worth the wait. Laser light treatments are capable of resolving stubborn breakouts as well as cystic acne and can produce long lasting results. If you would like to boost your results on your own, you may speak with your doctor about things you can do to speed up the process. For example, drinking plenty of water each day, following a well balanced diet and actively working to reduce stress in your daily life have been linked to fewer and less severe acne breakouts.

Are There Any Other Benefits?

Besides clearing breakouts, laser treatments can produce a variety of other skin benefits as well. For starters, many patients notice less acne scarring and do not develop it as easily or frequently as before they had the laser treatment.

Laser technology can also reduce signs of sun damage such as dark spots and uneven skin tone. While this may not be targeted during your specific treatments, it can be a desirable side effect. In addition to this, laser treatment may provide healthier looking and glowing skin. Compared to over the counter and prescription topical treatments for acne, laser therapies provide more long term benefits and can resolve the source of the acne. Topical products typically work as a temporary fix. They need to be reapplied and continually used to maintain significant results throughout time. However, laser therapy can reduce oil production permanently and in turn, give you clear skin for good, making it a more effective treatment for many people.

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