John Bartholomew’s Chess Book is All You Need to Win Chess in Less Moves

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Are you one of those who want to be a successful chess player? Well, you’re not alone in this planet. Playing chess is not a child’s play as it requires a lot of experience and the right techniques to be executed on the right time. Going with a wrong move could lead to a big defeat. So, you should be well prepared and skilled to understand all the tricks of your opponents. Bearing this in mind, we’re up with a book called John Bartholomew’s Chess Book. The book comprises everything and all the instructions so that you can win every time you bet with someone.


Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate level player, this book can do wonders for both novices and pros looking for new strategies and techniques. The book is especially designed for white pieces and costs nothing.   

John Bartholomew is a very prolific International Master, hailing from Eagan, MN. He has been studying, teaching and playing chess for around two decades and is still looking for more new ways and techniques to be more efficient and good at chess. He has won several awards and is widely recognized for his chess endeavors.

Bartholomew’s Chess Book is an ideal choice for those wanting to learn true chess techniques and strategies. It covers all aspect of modern day chess needs and requirements. With this amazing chess book, anyone can easily understand how they can win in less time while giving a very tough time to the opponents.

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