Why You Should Eat Healthy

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We have all seen a seesaw and played on it as well at some point in our lives, more accurately as kids. My mother used the example of a seesaw to tell me that why you should eat healthy? She told me that a balanced diet keeps us going or else like a seesaw we will collapse as well. As a kid the fear of collapsing like a seesaw was more than enough to keep me on healthy diet but with passing time, I stopped playing on seesaws and well the mind followed the world of unhealthy foods.

Recently I saw a seesaw and remembered my mom’s advice about why you should eat healthy. As a kid I may not have understand it completely but as a grownup I know more now. Our body is uniquely designed to consume what we eat and draw energy from it. The thing is it works like a machine; every kind of food plays a part to this machine. With time these parts needs to be replaced but that is only possible by eating healthy food.

For example if you eat too much cholesterol and fats, we all know that it blocks our veins and increases the risk of heart diseases. On the other hand a Diet lacking certain elements like iron, iodine and vitamins causes scurvy, goiter or marasmus. Our brain work is also dependent on these elements. The diet defines our moods and our energy state. If diet is not properly balanced, no matter how much we eat we will be lethargic and tired all the time. Mood swings and emotional stress is also one of the disadvantages.

There is another thing, if we take healthy food the old machine parts are eliminated otherwise they are turned into toxic substances and they stay in our body causing number of diseases and much harm to the machine. Watching a seesaw reminded me that why we should eat healthy food? I hope you understand by now that why you should eat healthy food and follow a balanced diet.

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