Tackling with Cancer

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Every day several men and women are becoming a victim of the fatal disease, cancer. Since the cancer was identified for the first time it has been a nightmare for both. And cancer is termed as a not caring disease or “Cancer Doesn’t Care.” As the real reason behind several kinds of cancer is yet to be confirmed there is a lot of work deemed in this arena for the betterment of mankind and advancement in the field of medicine science. Cancer doesn’t care is an organization working on the diseases. There are several different kinds of cancer. Among these, blood cancer is the one. All forms of blood cancer start from the bone marrow, blood, and lymphatic system. Which comprises of the spleen, thymus, lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels, tonsils, and digestive tract. Leukemia and myeloma, which start in the bone marrow, and lymphoma, it starts from the lymphatic system, are the most common types of blood cancer. Myeloma and Leukemia are produced within the bone marrow of person. It interferes directly with person’s health affecting the production of blood constituents like red and white blood cells. The outcomes of blood cancer are evident from the person suffering from anemia, and lack of healing ability due to the decrease in an amount of platelets. The worst effect of this disease is that bones are weakened due to abnormal behavior of proteins.


Blood cancer has quite evident symptoms, there may be abdominal pain, sudden bone fractures, easy bleeding. When skin got hurt the flow of blood didn’t cease easily, in addition to this a person may suffer from fever (1010 Fahrenheit) sudden chills. In case a person is feeling Biliousness, which may possibly take in dizziness, queasiness, retching, sea-sickness, car-sickness or upset stomach are all causes of blood cancer. Besides facing such symptoms a person can suffer from heavy sweating during the night; there are several cases of rapid weight loss were observed in the patients with blood cancer. These mentioned symptoms are the common symptoms of blood cancer. The most drastic thing associated with blood cancer is that it may not show any symptom at all. If you or a person near you is suffering from blood cancer then you have to take a great care of them. If bluish color is observed at the lips or fingernails than doctoral he must be called off immediately.  Any abnormal behavior like an increase in heart rate, high fever or unconsciousness is observed then the doctor must be contacted immediately.

To deal with this nightmare, a biologist is collaborating to find an effective remedy for cancer. There are several ways to which the effects of cancer can be postponed yet the goal for the biologist is to permanently cure this disease. There is a thing named as “remission” quite common these days, it points towards curing a patient till there remains any sign of the disease. The negative side for this treatment is that cancer may recur or relapse later. There are several therapies that could deal with the cancerous cells, they include biological therapy and Chemotherapy that attacks cancer causing cells. Stem cell transplant therapy is provided by implanting healthier cells in the body. These blood cells help the other cells to become healthier. Besides, having all these remedies available and several precautions taken cancer is still considered as a fatal disease and there is a lot more work to be done in this field.