Top Tips for Choosing A Good Therapist

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Imagine a sheet of paper floating in river water. It will mix with the water. Weaken. Disband. Dismantle. For us, we are the leaf, fighting innocents with life.

Therapy is the process that will transform the leaf into a boat. It floats. Sing new seas. Take a chance and goes beyond. That is why therapy is a watershed in the lives of many people.

Top Tips for Choosing A Good Therapist

Such an important process needs a good partnership. There are therapists of all kinds available at Check out the tips for choosing a good therapist.

1- Ask for indication

Ask friends. See who’s already doing it (if it’s improved). Ask your doctor. Doctors usually have indications.

As a last resort, ask Fabebook. Just don’t accept people who self-refer. All great, but they give an impression of despair, who is in danger, right? Who would speak ill of himself? Be careful.

2- The connection

How does the professional receive you? How do you feel when you disconnect the call / message?

Even in that first contact, ask for the session time. There are professionals who decrease the time when it is an agreement or when there is a decrease in the price.

3- The price

Each professional has its price. It varies a lot. There are those who negotiate the price with each customer. That is why some prefer to talk about the price, calmly, in the first interview.

This is not a weekend deal, just a hit for the person to get their treatment.

4- The first interview

In general, psychologists are not like doctors who make short appointments and leave the waiting room full of people waiting. When a psychologist makes an appointment with you, he will be free, waiting for you, at that time. If you are late, you will be missing the time you could be enjoying.