Fast and Easy Dinner: Simple and Delicious Dinner Ideas

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Salty quick recipes are great for any period of the day, especially at night when tiredness predominates. Whether it’s eating alone or with your family, some tasty, easy-to-brew options can break a bite-and even scratch pizza, hamburger, and other, unhealthy, and typically unpretentious dishes from your menu. Check out cheap dinner ideas:

Ham and cheese omelet

Healthy and super easy to make, this simple recipe for ham and cheese omelet is still economical as it takes few ingredients.

Fast and Easy Dinner: Simple and Delicious Dinner Ideas

Cheese cannelloni

Massa is always a good request for dinner, especially when it is shared with family or friends. Prepare this easy cheese cannelloni recipe and surprise everyone.

Stuffed pancake baguette

It is delicious and innovative recipe for stuffed bundles, a variation of the traditional pancake.

Stuffed microwave potato

The preparation time of this microwave-filled potato recipe is so fast that it usually does not go beyond 12 minutes.

Lentil soup

Tasty and nutritious, this recipe for lentil soup yields eight servings and is a good choice especially for cold nights.

Chicken fillet with lemon and oregano

With two-part trimming, this quick recipe of chicken fillet with oregano and lemon is perfect for those who cherish a healthy and delicious food.


Easy meatball recipe is perfect to accompany pasta and grains.

Baked tuna

Fish lovers will relish this tuna recipe to the oven.

Zucchini Chips

If you want a snack with a healthier footprint, this recipe can be a great choice. Here, zucchini slices are well seasoned and baked for just a few minutes. An important tip is to turn the vegetables while they are roasting, so the result will be very crispy.

Chicken basket

Have you thought about making baskets with pastry dough? It has as a stuffing chicken, curd, champignon, tomato and some spices that give a special touch of taste to the snack.