Top Yoga Equipment & Accessories

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Learn about the most common yoga accessories and know when to use them.

A lot of people who are starting yoga practice are confused by the equipment and accessories (also known as props) available on the market and still want to know: do I have to buy them all at once?

Top Yoga Equipment & Accessories

Well, it varies a lot depending on the type of yoga being practiced. Almost in all modalities, we suggest the basic starter kit – mat (track) + track + block. Most schools have blocks and banners in the classroom; the student only gets the mat itself, which is more hygienic. But if you want to practice at home alone or are accompanied by a personal teacher, it is very worth buying the basic kit.

The mat, is the basis of our practice, where we protect ourselves from the ground when developing postures and understand the relationship of our body in a given space. It is the most personal accessory of yoga, because we sweat a lot on it and it is not very cool to use someone else for a long time, even if hygiene is overly careful with each use, which rarely happens.

In the past, yogis practiced their postures directly on the floor, in some cases using animal skins to sit and meditate, used even today in the practice of Kundalini Yoga. Already in the twentieth century, the practice was done on normal rugs, like those we have at home. The rubber mat version is much newer, and the anti-slip / eco-friendly ones have been around for 15 years.

Some yoga practicing people also use the bolster, the blanquets and the chair , less common in schools but super important as well.

Today, there are most common yoga accessories and equipment used by all the teachers in the world.