What should We Know About Inflammation in the Body?

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Inflammation, our ally, could become an evil enemy. The immune system works for us, the more powerful it is, that we have a lower risk of disease. The immune system can be metaphorically likened to several groups of elite soldiers, each of which is designed to defend against various types of attacks.


One of the most important groups of soldiers such as white blood cells (macrophages) that are designed to quickly dispose of pathogenic agents, which could tap into our bodies. Defensive response of macrophages is called inflammation. The inflammatory process starts at the same regeneration time of damaged tissues, as well as inflammatory cells secrete growth hormones that start and accelerate the formation of new cells. The 400mg Asacol may be prescribed for early stage. If the inflammatory response in the body continues for a long period of time, it passes to the stage of chronic inflammation, which can be hazardous to our health. Chronic inflammation of the body is supported by smoking, obesity, excessive intake of empty calories and lack of omega-3 fat.

Chronic inflammation – An early stage of cancer

Chronic inflammation in the body, often we do not even feel it. But this long-term presence of inflammation creates an ideal climate for the development of cancer. Let’s have a little to clarify the mechanism of this reaction. If there are micro tumors consisting of precancerous cells in the vicinity of inflammation, it may be used as growth factor (which acts to restore damaged tissue) for its own growth. This dormant tumor gets into a state of mature tumor.

Inflammation that results from the reaction of the immune system is indispensable for our health, but if it is too strong and it takes a long time, it may start and accelerate the progression of cancer. The close link between cancer and inflammation is known to pathologists for a very long time, because the abundance of macrophages in tumors is almost a rule.

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