Different Types Of Hearing Aids

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If you are looking for a hearing aid for yourself or someone else there are a lot of new options available. Sorting through the many choices can be difficult. In terms of features, today’s digital hearing aids are superior to previous models. Before picking one, consider who the hearing aid is for and how active of a life style they have, their dexterity, if they have any vision issues, and many other factors will influence the type/style of hearing instrument(s) you choose. Once you know the answers, you can start searching. Here are some details on the types of hearing aids available on the market today. Information provided by San Diego Hearing Aid Center.


  • ITC, or in-the-canal hearing aids or CIC, completely-in-the-canal, aids are common choices. These are small hearing aids that fit partially into the canal. Part of the aid sits slightly outside the ear canal. These are popular because they are small, easy to insert and comfortable.
  • BTE, or behind-the-ear hearing aids. These are larger than the ITC options. These have mechanical parts that all are encased in a rounded plastic sheath. That sheath then is fitted behind the user’s ear. It is definitely more visible than other choices, but it can be helpful for specific patients. Namely children are fitted with this type a lot due to its durability. It also is customized via an ear mold for a tight fit.
  • ITE, in-the-ear, hearing aids. These are normally flesh-colored and fitted in a shell. That shell is inserted into the outer part of the ear. These types are popular with elderly patients because of their ease of management. These are large enough to maneuver and install.
  • Receiver-in-canal hearing aids. The mechanism of this type of hearing aid is also behind the ear, although much smaller than a BTE. The difference is that the speaker is inside the ear canal. Thin electric wires are used and these can be fit to a large variety of hearing losses. VERY POPULAR style.
  • Extended wear aids. These are hearing aids that can be worn for a few months without removing them. They must be fitted professionally though by an audiologist. Once they are removed, a new device is installed, as they are not reusable. These are useful for active adults because they are disposable, which wards off earwax and infection.

There are smaller versions of the in the ear type hearing aids called CIC, and IIC please call for more information?

The number of options available with hearing aids is growing consistently. Thanks to changes and advancements in the market there are new choices available for every need. Lawrence Hearing Aid Center in sunny Carlsbad California offers free hearing aid consultations in their family owned and operated center. Visit their website at http://www.lawrencehearingaidcenter.net/ or call 760.729.8581