What To Expect At a Dental Cleaning Appointment

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Dental cleaning are standardized appointments and there are certain procedures that you should expect

The goal of any dental cleaning by a professional dentist aims to rid your teeth of plaque, stains or tartar that have built up in your mouth.  Flossing and routine brushing are great preventative practices but need to be complimented by yearly dental check-ups.  This will ensure healthy teeth and gums for the future. Having a dental cleaning performed every 6 to 12 months is ideal and will drastically reduce the risk of developing periodontal diseases.


Plaque is the bacterium filled film that coats your teeth over time.  This bacterium is the cause of gum disease and tooth decay when not brushed away, flossed away and taken care of by dental cleanings.  Tartar is a hard calcified deposit that forms when plaque is not cleaned properly.  Tartar usually forms on the gum line and in-between teeth.  Dental cleanings are needed to remove this build-up as a dentist will use specialized picks to scrape the deposits without harming your teeth.  This is something you cannot perform yourself as a good view into the mouth must be had and is impossible without an outside perspective.  Ultrasonic instruments are also used to loosen tartar and remove it.  Your dentist will begin with a sterilizing wash and an inspection of your mouth using a dental mirror.  Then the ultrasonic treatment may be used or tartar scraping instruments.  These picks are properly referred to as curettes or scalers and are designed to reach the tight spaces around our teeth.  Each tooth is treated individually to ensure proper cleaning.  After the scraping procedure, your dentist will move onto the polishing phase.  A slow speed polishing tool is used to create a shiny and smooth tooth surface.  A prophylaxis paste that is applied to the rubber-polishing cup helps clean and polish.  Once your teeth have been cleaned and polished, a fluoride wash is used to strengthen teeth and protect your mouth against plaque.  Dental cleanings are virtually painless but your dentist will be very receptive and alter the technique if you complain of discomfort.  A dental cleaning will last from 30-60 minutes, after which your mouth will feel clean and refreshed.  A brighter smile is another outcome of dental cleanings and you can be assured that your teeth are in the best shape they can be.

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