How to Close a Gap in Your Teeth

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The Gap between your teeth can be a real charmer or it can spoil your personality. Moreover, these gaps and reduce your confidence level ad make you conscious about yourself. Depending on the size of such gap, these can disturb the alignment of your teeth.

These gaps can make it hard for you to bite as they bring in several teeth problems (not to mention the pain). If you have a gap in your teeth and want to know how you can get rid of it, below we are providing you three affordable solutions for it. Make sure you check with them!


  • Teeth Bands

Perhaps the most affordable answer for how to close a gap in your teeth!  These bands are used around the teeth at night as it helps to physically pull the teeth to fill the gap. This solution can cost you $5-40 depending on your condition. This method is advised under strict supervision as overcorrection can be troublesome for your Jawbone or gums.

  • Dental Veneers

This helps to fill the space by actually filing the gap with a dental material. The Dental Veneers is basically resin applied to teeth to fill the space. The cost of this procedure is $300-800. These are porcelain shells which fill over the teeth. These look natural and good but they can be pretty expensive. Moreover, such procedures are categorized as cosmetics and your dental insurance certainly does not cover it.

  • Braces

If you want, you dentist will build retainers or braces to close the gap in your teeth. This is commonly suggested for kids, but be sure to consult your dentist first. You dental policy may cover it so you better check with them first. This is the most common answer for how to close a gap in your teeth. It can cost around $500-2000.

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