3 Tips for a Less Painful Brazilian Wax Treatment

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Going for a Brazilian Wax treatment takes some serious guts. It’s not a fun time, instead Brazilian wax tends to hurt a lot more as compared to regular one, but the results make it worth it. If you are a first timber and are afraid of the Brazilian wax, you should follow these tips to help you bear the pain.


Avoid Coffee

There are a few prep tips you need to follow before you visit the best waxing places in Manhattan. One of them is avoiding coffee before the treatment. You need to skip your daily dose of caffeine for the Brazilian wax. Avoid coffee as it’s stimulants can make the skin extra sensitive. If you can’t live without coffee, you can always switch to decaf or have your nice cup after the treatment.

Exfoliate Before the Treatment

You want to get rid of hair, we get it. But you need to exfoliate your skin even if the wax does so. You better use a body scrub two days before so there is not dry or dead skin hanging around the body that will make it hard for the best Brazilian wax in Manhattan to does it job.

Use Numbing Cream

Never use ice to numb a body part before waxing. This will tighten the skin and close your pores. All of this will make the wax more difficult than it has to be. Instead of using ice, try using a numb cream. Apply it 30 minutes before the appointment, it will dull the pain. If you are afraid you will forget numbing the skin, check to make sure the cream is added in the best spa packages in Manhattan.  

Check with the staff a few days before your appointment and make sure they have something in the package that will help you to deal with the pain. If not, it will be a excruciating experience for you.

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