4 Tips To Do Physical Therapy At Home

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Physiotherapy, whether done at home or in a clinic by physiotherapy (กายภาพบําบัด, which is the term in Thai) expert, can be applied in a variety of cases, from the aid of degenerative diseases, recovery after accidents or surgeries.

4 Tips To Do Physical Therapy At Home

With the home care treatment, professionals will apply manual techniques, equipment and exercises that will make the patient feel better and better and have great results and advances in reestablishing their health. To understand more, here are four steps to physical therapy at home, always remembering that the treatment should be closely monitored by a professional physiotherapist:

  1. Apparatus and equipment: The physiotherapist must take the necessary equipment to the patient’s home, since the treatment must be done in the same way as in clinics and hospitals. After all, from this it is possible to follow the progress and record everything that is necessary about the treatment and the patient.
  2. Practice of Exercises: The exercises are usually divided into sessions, remembering that the frequency and routine established must be respected. The exercises work in several areas, such as activating the circulation, correcting the movements of several limbs and even stimulating the regions that present difficulties or problems.
  3. Use of tools: Professionals should also use instruments and tools, when necessary, so that patients can have more stimuli and greater concentration when performing the treatment. In general, sticks, hula hoops, colored balls and activity circuits are used, which stimulate in different ways.
  4. Programs and applications: There is still an interesting and useful application for smartphones and tablets that facilitates the relationship between the professional and the patient. It allows both parties to maintain direct communication and so that the physiotherapist can follow up at any time. It is worth mentioning that the app is composed of videos, audios and instructions, facilitating the accomplishment of the activities.

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