Home Treatment to Prevent Stretch Marks

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Those who have gone through this know how unpleasant it is to discover stretch marks in the skin. It can be on the butt, the breasts, the legs, the belly and even the arms – our enemy makes no distinction of place to appear without being invited.

Home Treatment to Prevent Stretch Marks

On the other hand, it is a common problem for many women, stretch marks are usually cause irritation and even concern for us. And many women do not wear such clothes that expose stretch marks. But do not despair, we’ve prepared stretch mark care tips to understand the causes, know the treatments, and help to avoid that boredom.

Keeping your skin hydrated is the most effective way to ensure it does not break, causing stretch marks. Use Moisturizers and oils with moisturizing properties (those based on urea, grape seed oil and almonds have the most moisturizing power) after bathing because it is when the skin absorbs the product more easily.

Of course, a diet to control weight gain is also critical for anyone who wants to lessen the problem and as soon as you notice the first stretch mark, it is best to make an appointment with a good dermatologist.

Effective home treatments for stretch marks

Currently there are several treatments available to soften the marks of stretch marks on the skin. Laser, pulsed light and peeling are just a few examples of what medicine can do for you. None of them, however, should be initiated without the guidance of a professional, since the wrong treatment may even aggravate the problem.

At home, there are some actions you can take to lessen this evil. Even so, it is not advisable to start any type of treatment before consulting your doctor. The combination of moisturizing creams and vitamins for the skin is quite effective in combating stretch marks.