A Great Way to Relieve Migraine Pain

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Many people suffer from severe migraines that cause them to become dizzy and experience relentless head pain; this pain can make your head feel like it is internally pulsating and cause extreme discomfort. This intense extent of pain makes many people experience a lack of sleep. There is a way to help solve this issue though with Excedrin’s (an over the counter migraine medication) version of a nighttime pain reliever – Excedrin PM.


I suffered from a horrible migraine that I could not get rid of; it lasted for days on end and did not allow me to get much sleep during the night. My head was pounding constantly and only allowed for me to sleep for about an hour or two at a time, and even then, that sleep was restless, and I was in too much pain to actually relax. I had tried many over the counter migraine medications, and even some for general pain relief Advil Cold and Sinus, Bayer, but did not find any relief with these medications. I eventually came across Excedrin PM and decided to give it a try. This medication did not immediately relieve my pain, but it at least subdued it for long enough that I got a few hours of sleep. After about three doses and proper rest, I began to notice a positive difference and improvement with my level of pain (or, now lack thereof.)

I did suffer from a minor side effect of dry mouth, and realized after my first dose that you must get a full night’s rest (seven to eight hours) in order for Excedrin PM to work affectively. If you do not sleep for a long enough period of time, you may wake up feeling worse just as I did. Because I did not rest, I had a horrible groggy feeling that made my migraine even worse. I quickly learned that if you give yourself enough time to recover from your migraine after taking this medication that the minor side effects are worth it.

I would recommend this medication to anyone who is in extreme discomfort from a migraine, but only if you have enough time for a full night’s sleep after taking your dose. If you are on the go or have something that needs to be done within an immediate time frame, do not take Excedrin PM. You must give yourself time to sleep, or this medication is only going to make you feel worse.