Alternative Solutions For Tension Headaches

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When a nagging headache strikes, most of us find ourselves searching for pain medication in our medicine cabinets. However, most commercial pain medicines only block off pain receptors, which means the headache is still there; we simply cannot feel it. What’s more, the continuous use of pain medications is not a treatment for chronic headaches.

Not only do commercial pain medications list varying concerning side effects on pamphlet inserts, but they can also become addictive. Prolonged use of these medicines can also cause rebound headaches, which defeats the intention of using them in the first place.

Therefore, if you are suffering from persistent headaches and stubborn migraine, you need a plan that extends further than a short term pain blocker. To help you find long-term relief from pesky head pains, we have listed the most effective alternative solutions for tension headaches.

Tension Headaches

Natural Anti-Inflammatory Remedies

Most headaches that strike suddenly are known as acute headaches. This category of head pains is usually caused by infection, a fever, a cold, or other illnesses. However, sinusitis is one of the most common causes of acute onset headaches. Sinusitis is the result of inflammation of the sinuses. What’s more, other health issues that cause inflammation headaches include otitis, ear infection, and pharyngitis, throat infection. Therefore, rather than opting for pain medication that will block only the pain, it is best to opt for natural remedies that treat the source of the problem, which is inflammation in most cases. 

As CBD oil is well-known for its remarkable anti-inflammatory properties, it is a great solution to treat the core of acute onset headaches. You can read more here when looking for a quality CBD product to keep in your medicine cabinet and manage headaches more healthily.

Ginger tea is another excellent natural remedy for inflammation. Research shows that ginger can be an effective treatment for mild to moderate headaches, while also proving promising when treating migraines. The act of drinking warm tea is also often described as a calming practice, which means opting for ginger tea rather than a ginger supplement will help you relieve stress as well. 


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice in which thin needles are gently inserted into the patients’ skin in very specific areas. According to acupuncture experts, the practice assists with varying health ailments by redirecting energies to ease the issue ultimately. However, on a more scientific level, acupuncture is able to relax tense muscles by encouraging relaxation through pressure points in the body. 

Even though research conclusions are incredibly mixed, many believe that acupuncture is a natural solution to several health conditions, including migraines and ongoing headaches. You should always consult an expert acupuncture practitioner as the ancient practice is extremely precise. 

Massage Therapy

Message therapy is a great way to unwind and practice self-care. However, it may also be able to treat nagging headaches. This is because the short-term benefits of massage therapy include reduced stress and anxiety levels. Opting for a massage will help you relax, which will be beneficial if high-stress levels cause your headaches. 

Neck and shoulder massages are specifically best for treating headaches, and your body may be holding tension in these areas. Therefore, there should be absolutely no guilt attached to booking the occasional massage. While massage therapy is an excellent solution for relieving tension headaches naturally, enhancing your self-care routine is also a great idea to reduce stress and anxiety that leads to headaches.

Lifestyle Changes

We often overlook poor lifestyle choices as the potential headache-causing culprit. However, your pain could be the result of poor sleep patterns, an unhealthy diet, and lack of exercise could be behind your nagging headaches. Therefore, you should evaluate the quality of your sleep and make necessary changes to your sleep hygiene, while upping your nutritional intake with a healthy balanced diet can only benefit your quality of life as well.

Making lifestyle changes to adopt a balanced diet, constant quality sleep, and regular physical activity won’t just reduce your chances of enduring another crippling migraine, as these choices will benefit every aspect of your daily life. Such changes will enable you to focus better and curb your chances of developing several health conditions.

If you have tried and tested several natural solutions and you are still enduring painful headaches and migraines, it is best to consult a health practitioner. A consultation would be necessary as your headaches may be the symptom of a health condition that would require medical attention.