How to Give Your Lover a Hickey

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This blog post is dedicated to those wanting to know about Hickey as how one can give it to its partner. Hickey is a mark or bruise given by your lover during the hot moments. It depicts the intensity of love you make with your lover. Mostly, it’s a little bruise that gets healed with the moving time. But sometime, it could lead to severe health conditions if not cured properly. Below we’ve discussed it thoroughly as how you can leave a great love mark on your partner’s skin.love560783_960_720-2

Ask for the permission

Hickey can be problematic for working people who need to move in and out frequently. But little bruises or marks can be tolerated, instead your partner can ask for doing it again. If it seems a little awkward asking your partner for the hickey, you can do it yourself by keeping tabs on your partner’s emotions. Start with a normal, light kiss and there’s no need to take a wild start. After spending a few minutes and warming your partner, you may go and target a specific area where you want to leave your love mark. Once you’ve decided, you may start it with a soft sucking.

Looking for ways to get rid of a hickey? This guide can surely help you!

Don’t use your teeth

Using teeth will do nothing but add more pain, making your hot moments unpleasant. So, it’s better that you should keep your teeth out of the game to get the most out of your loving moments.

If you want to make it more darker or prominent, keep repeating the process until you get your desired results. But it shouldn’t be uncomfortable for your partner.

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