HandsDown™ is a Wearable Device

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The HandsDown™ is a wearable device that lets you know when you touch your face, bite your nails, rub your eyes, or scratch your acne. It silently vibrates to alert you to your subconscious habits.


Problems like nail biting are obvious, but what isn’t so obvious is how our hands become links in the chain of infection. Your hands touch the same surfaces sick people touch, so the last time you had a cold, you likely infected yourself with your own hands.

The CDC says a person can get the flu by touching something that has flu virus on it and then touching their own mouth, eyes, or nose. Many other viruses can live on surfaces for more than 24 hours, but can only survive on hands for about 20 minutes.

Can you go 20 minutes without touching your face? The science says you will touch your face at least every 4 minutes. In all likelihood, you couldn’t make it through this video without touching your face. And if you did refrain, it probably took mental effort.

The HandsDown™ makes it easy to change by silently vibrating when you touch your face. By wearing a HandsDown™ for 2 hours a day, you or someone you love can break the bad habits that make you sick. You can learn to permanently stop your subconscious habits in as little as one month.

The HandsDown™ design is finished and the test results are promising. We just need to pay setup costs to make the first large batch, and we need your help. By backing this project, you turn an idea into a product that helps people.

The Flu and other infectious diseases are most dangerous to the elderly or very young. The HandsDown™ may protect those closest to you. Please do not wait, get a HandsDown™ today.

For More Detail Visit Now: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/835545834/handsdowntm-wearable-device-easily-breaks-bad-habi?ref=6evgz1