HCG Diet – An Quick and Easy Way for Weight Loss

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Are you worried about your weight and want to reduce it down? Have you tried each and every possible way to do it and that didn’t work? Here is the solution for all your worries related to your weight loss.


HCG Drops called as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin that helps in supplementing the hormones naturally. These are the same hormones that produced in the body of a women in the early stages of pregnancy but in synthetic form. They are specially made for burning your fat from waist, thigh and arms and made from high quality natural ingredients. These drops can be combined with 500, 800 and 1200 calorie diet. The effective diet plan can help you in losing 1-2 lbs of weight daily. HCG Drops are popular because of following characteristics:

  • (1) It is non-invasive product
  • (2) Ingredients are completely natural
  • (3) HCG Drops are side effect free
  • (4) It is cheaper than injections
  • (5) Its use is Painless
  • (6) It is affordable for everyone
  • (7) Its use is user friendly


HCG hormone boosts the body’s hypothalamus which helps in regulating the metabolism of the body even when you are dieting. The HCG hormone is the only substance that can counteract the adverse effects of regulating hypothalamus gland of brain at bio chemical level. Regardless of individual’s overall health, the HCG drops succeed on the HCG diet. Users with Diabetes hypothyroidism have shown good success on the HCG diet plan.

What You Need to Know About the hCG Diet Plan

HCG diet drops protocol requires users to adhere to the diet plan and considered as most powerful method in the world to reduce weight. Doctors recommend 150-200 IUs per day while on the diet. There are two kinds of HCG drops available :– Prescription HCG Drops Homeopathic  HCG Drops

Prescription HCG Drops contain high concentration of HCG. It can only be prescribed by a doctor and generally used in reproductive problems such as hypogonadism, fertility issues etc. This HCG is not sanctioned by FDA, however it is being prescribed by several doctors. Hormone is directly absorbed in the bloodstream through the capillaries of the tongue. These drops are known as DIY HCG drops because these come unmixed and user have to prepare themselves. These drops are non-invasive and therapeutic.


Homeopathic HCG Drops remain a popular alternative to highly concentrated HCG, despite the controversy related to non prescribed homeopathic diet drops. Homeopathy involves in dilution of active ingredients to even a low concentration. There are other kinds of HCG drops that have lipotropics and boosters for metabolic activities such as natural vitamin B12 and vitamin B-Complex, L-Arginine, Ornithine and others to maximize burning of fat while maintaining the optimum health of user.

Dr. Daniel Belluscio started the oral HCG research center to test the use of oral HCG for weight loss in 1987. They have discovered that the HCG injections and oral use of HCGs are equally effective. This makes the oral HCG ideal as it is free from pain.

Most Common HCG drops that are popular in market are:

(1) HCG Complex

(2) HCG 1234

(3) HCG Amino Plus

HCG doctors can help you in evaluating your physical needs and goals and then, will suggest you which HCG drops you should use. If you have to lose more than 25 pounds weight, prescription type HCG drops are suitable for you for effective, safe and quick results. But, if you want to lose weight less than 25 pounds, homeopathic HCG drops will be suitable for you.

The HCG diet have a list of foods that have low carbohydrate content, which are free from sugar and starch, high in protein and non processed foods. It is a menu consists of meats that are nutritious, vegetables and fruits to maintain the body during the complete diet phase. These are three phases of the diet plan:

(1) Preparing and enforcing the diet

(2) Coming off the HCG

(3) Strict eating regime. During the HCG treatment, if you adhere to 30 minute workout and taking nutritional supplement, you can lose 2 pounds a day.

HCG drops are considered to be very safe to use. It is free from side effects and most of the side effects are because of the excessive use of HCG or improper use of diet plan. The common symptoms during the use of these drops are dizziness, light-headedness, headaches, diarrhea, nausea, and c