Is Vietnamese Food Really Healthy?

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Many people are becoming interested with Vietnamese food because of its delicious taste. Most people are wondering if Vietnamese food are really healthy.  What is in Vietnamese food that makes it healthy? What are the health benefits that we can get from Vietnamese food? Many people are trying to stay healthy or want to change their eating habits since they want to be healthier to avoid different types of diseases. It is really a good thing that you can now find Vietnamese food in Singapore. Here are some reasons why Vietnamese food are considered healthy:

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Balance In Vietnamese Food

In Vietnamese dishes, there is balance. They use meat, vegetables, sea foods, herbs etc. in different ways. They try to create balance between eating meat and vegetables.  They avoid the use of artificial flavorings as well as food preservatives.  It has been a fact that Vietnam has the lowest rate in obesity because of the food they eat.

Deep Fried Food In Vietnam

There are very few dishes in Vietnam that are deep fried in oil. Most food are cooked by steaming or boiling. For deep fried food, they still make sure that they create a balance by adding more greens and vegetables with the deep fried food. Most food are cooked in clay pots, cooked with soup or steamed.

Healthy Fruits Found In Vietnam

Gac or Red Melon: This is a very healthy fruit that contains a lot of antioxidants as well as vitamins.  Consuming this fruit can help you boost you immune system.

Lychee, papaya, kiwi, dragon fruit, guava, Ceylon spinach: These fruits are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Papaya is popularly used in making Vietnamese salad.

Eating With Vietnamese Sauces

Vietnamese sauces are made from all natural ingredients. Vietnamese sauces shouldn’t be avoided since it enhances the taste of Vietnamese dishes. Consuming salty sauces should be in moderation to avoid health problems. Vietnamese sauces can do no harm to you if consumed in moderation.

Pho Stock

Pho is a well-known dish in Vietnam. Many people might be wondering if it is healthy to consume Pho soup. Pho soup is actually very healthy since it has a lot of vitamins and minerals from the beef soup bone. As you eat Pho with a lot of greens and herbs, it blends in with the soup making it healthier for you. Pho soup contains a significant amount of protein that is good for you. The vitamins and minerals are all in the soup since they have been dissolved with it through the simmering process.

Banh Mi

Banh Mi can be made in a lot of ways. There is a choice to make it healthier for you. Banh Mi creates a balance in the food you eat. Eating Banh Mi can be a complete meal. You can put chicken strips or meat strips in it. You can add as many greens and herbs you like such as lettuce, bean sprouts, tomatoes etc. Add some cheese and dressing, but not much. Bahn Mi is a very delicious and healthy complete meal. It can be eaten on the go as well.

Vietnamese Food Containing Aromatic Herbs

Vietnamese food can contain a lot of aromatic herbs that adds flavor to the dish as well as the health benefits. The medicinal properties of the herbs used in a Vietnamese dish can be very helpful in making our body healthy. Herbs used in Vietnamese dishes also help make your blood flow healthy and serves as an anti-inflammatory.  Herbs like coriander, cinnamon, betel leaves, etc. are usually used in most of Vietnamese dishes.


Where To Get Healthy Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese food is healthy but we should make sure that we get them in the right place. Make sure that the food you are going to consume is prepared in a healthy and clean way. Eating Vietnamese food can be very healthy when the food is eaten right after it was prepared. You should consume Vietnamese food that is freshly prepared. Make sure that the Vietnamese food you are going to order is not substituted by processed food and flavorings. There are a lot of Vietnamese food in Singapore that are prepared traditionally.

Deciding to have Vietnamese food in your diet is a good choice. Train children to eat healthy food. Vietnamese food is a good choice for them since it’s delicious and healthy. It’s not too late for you to start eating healthily.