How to Take Protein?

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The protein is part of our diet, just as carbohydrates, lipids and vitamins. There are numerous foods that are excellent sources of protein, namely eggs, meat and fish, among others.

However, there are times when extra help is needed and it is in those cases that protein supplements come into play!

In fact, protein is the most widely used supplement and probably the first to be sought after when you begin to exercise. However, often the question that arises is “How to take protein ?”

Take Protein

First of all, it should be noted that when talking about protein powder supplements, it is commonly referred to as Whey Protein. This protein is a supplement of the highest quality, capable of being absorbed quickly by the body.

It is a supplement widely used to promote muscle mass gain and to help weight loss by having small concentrations of fat and a high rate of amino acids, both essential and branched chain (the most important for the synthesis of muscle mass).

It is also important to clarify the idea that a protein supplement is a natural food product such as cheese or plain yogurt. In the case of Whey protein, it is produced through a by-product that comes from the transformation of milk into cheese, which is purified and processed to have the taste, purity and nutritional value that so many enjoy.

But after all, how to take protein?

If you choose whey protein a priori, it is important to know if you are not allergic or intolerant to any milk compound because whey is whey protein and may not work for anyone who has lactose intolerance, for example.

However, protein chips are well known that protein intake form that should be regular throughout the day and it is advisable to eat them every 3 hours (through food or supplements).