Food Supplements: When Are They Worth It?

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Not everyone needs them. And although they are sold without prescription, the ideal is to use them with follow-up.

The dietary supplements are increasingly present in everyday life of our population. Data presented by the Association of the Industry of Supplements for Special and Congenial Purposes indicate that 54% of the country’s households have at least one person who consumes this type of product.

Food Supplements

Despite this, few know that there is no legal provision for the category “food supplements.” In other words, there is no specific regulation for these items yet.

According to a document, there are six categories of food and one of medicines that can be grouped in the class of food supplements. These are: vitamin and mineral supplements; bioactive substances and probiotics; new foods; foods with claims of functional properties; supplements for athletes; food supplements for pregnant women and nursing mothers; and, finally, specific medicines without a prescription.

But, after all, what are dietary supplements? To facilitate understanding, we can use a broader definition presented in a newsletter of the Society of Food and Nutrition in 2015:

Food supplements are products made up of concentrated sources of substances like vitamins, minerals, fibers, proteins, amino acids, fatty acids (like omega-3 ), herbs and extracts, probiotics, phytosterols, enzymes, carotenoids, amino acids, among others.

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From composition of Vasayo products, they can present nutritional, metabolic and / or physiological effects that are intended to complement the normal diet in cases in which the ingestion of these components is insufficient.

The product may be presented in solid, semi-solid, liquid and aerosol forms, such as tablets, powders, capsules, granules, chewable tablets, liquids and suspensions. Food supplements are intended to supplement the diet of healthy individuals.

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