Understanding Your Drugs

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Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists in dispensing prescription medicine to customers or health professionals. They work under the supervision of pharmacists in collecting information needed to fill a prescription, measure amounts of medications, package and label prescriptions. In addition they will organize inventory, accept payment and process insurance claims. Pharmacy technicians enter customer data into computer application for record keeping, answer phone calls and arrange for customers to speak with the pharmacist.


The pharmacy technician is there to help you in understanding your drugs. Just a few of the information about drugs are given here as examples. Antidepressants are not considered addictive in themselves. It is the user’s physical or psychological dependence, not a chemical dependence that leads to the misuse. It is this mental dependence on the balancing effect of the drug that leads to the addiction. An overdose will affect the nervous system and heart of the user, with the possibility of seizures and cardiac dysrhythmias taking place.

Antipsychotics are not normally abused except after long use. The patient may become overly dependent on them. The end result would be an addiction and stopping their use very abruptly can lead to physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. This will make rehabilitation necessary. The use of these drugs is for mental illness, so the overdose does not occur accidently. Stabilization in a medical hospital with antipsychotic treatment will be necessary.

Barbiturates are used as central nervous system depressants. Addictions occur over the long-term use of the drug that exceeds the recommended doses. Compulsive need to be physically dependent on the drug is a sign of the addiction. The use of the drug is incremental as the tolerance for the drug grows. Consequently the next dose has to be higher than the last dose and so on.  This leads to the overdose and the symptom are a change in body temperature and a slowdown in respiration. This is a serious condition that only a trained medical professional can help with.

Drugs primarily used to treat anxiety and several other conditions are Benzodiazepines. How the mechanism of action work are not known, except they appear to treat the neurotransmitters in the brain. Addiction symptoms occur with a high tolerance for the drug and a lack of coping without it. It can be successfully treated in a rehab center.

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