How to Keep Yourself Safe After a Knee Surgery?

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If you just had a Knee Surgery, you need to be careful and protect yourself. You have to rest for a while and watch out for the risks of injury. Following, we are giving you a few precaution tips to help you remain safe from injuries right after your surgery.


Don’t Ignore Your Pain

You don’t have to tough it out, it’s a fact that you will experience pain after the Knee Surgery, but if the pain goes beyond you. You better inform your doctor about it. Hiding the fact won’t help you or your doctor. You need to be transparent with your doctor at this stage and let him know if you can bear the pain or not.

Meds are not the only way to cure pain, you can also take rehabilitation exercises and help yourself with the pain. Just make sure you have a word with your doctor before doing anything.

Get Rid of Swelling

Knee swelling is not only uncomfortable but it can make it hard for you to move around. So you need to move a bit to get rid of it. Don’t be a couch potato, it won’t do anything. You can treat swelling after Knee Surgery by using old packs. You can also elevate your leg for 20 or 30 minutes or as the doctor says. Use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain and inflammation.  

Plan Your Routine

The first few weeks after your Knee Surgery will be full of exhaustion. You will feel tired and fall off. Just rest and plan ahead if you want to recover fast. You can plan the day in order to minimize your trips to the stair and getting in or out of your car. Also, put important stuff like remote controls, phone and tissues where you can easily access them.