3 Tips for How to Get Healthy Skin

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It is well said, “The Skin reveals the Stories of a Lifetime”. So what do you have, Sun damage, spots or fabled glow? Even if you are not proud to say what you have, still you can fix it with the following answers for how to get healthy skin. These answers will help you for a great skin year after year. So take your time to go through these tips and stay in great shape.

  • Don’t Use Heavy Cleanser

Apart from the pots and pans, your skin doesn’t have to be scrubbed. Avoid overdoing it, try to use non-detergent cleaners, milk or even form. Before you buy something, you should have a brief look on what’s inside it. Prefer something with plant derived surfactants instead of harsh chemicals

  • Be Good to Your Skin

Clean your skin but be gentle while at it and act on the following:

Don’t use Strong Soaps: detergents and Strong soaps can eliminate the skin oil which leads to various skin problems. Avoid it by using a mild cleaner.

Moisturize Your Skin: Whenever you skin is dry, you need to moisturize it with SPF. Try to find a moisturizer which sits well with your skin.

  • Protection from Sun

This is something you will get every time you ask how to get healthy skin! Protect your skin from sun as sung exposure leads to age spots and wrinkles. Not to mention, it also increase the chances of skin cancer. To help yourself, follow these:

Apply Sunscreen: You need to use broad spectrum sunscreen which is made with SPF 15. Reapply it after every two hours.

Stay in the Shade: The best way of protecting yourself from sun is staying about from it. Avoid going under the sun from 10 am to 2 pm. This is the time when Sun Rays are most harmful.