Health and Fitness Tips to Achieve your Goals

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Are you fed up of working hard in the gym and not achieving what you want? You are not alone, people who consistently effort and are determined towards their goals are disappointed sometimes.  This doesn’t mean they should stop following health and fitness tips. Continue with your routine but find out what you are missing. The problem may be in your diet, workout routine or even in your company. To help you find out, we are giving you the following tips to start with.

  • Interval Training is Best

You can do as much cardio as you want. If you do this, you will burn fact effectively, just sprint for one minute and follow recover repeats. This is better known as interval training. Do fir for about 20 minutes on your cardio routine and you will get much better results as compared to exercise on steady rate.  Walk, run, swim, skip or bike, whatever you want.

  • Change your Diet Carefully

When it comes to weight loss, food health and fitness tips work better than exercise. Yes, it may surprise you but exercise only contributes to 30% of your weight loss.  The remaining 70% factors for a successful weight loss are self-motivation and proper diet. Consider this, you will only take a few minutes to eat a thousand calories but you need hours to burn them.

  • Improve your Focus and Motivate yourself

Resistance training, cardio or even the core workout are not enough to keep you fit. Leading a healthy lifestyle is not only limited to changing your diet and workout, it’s about changing your whole lifestyle to lead a better life. So you will need to meet with other people and establish healthy bonds with them such as running hills or Pilates classes. This will help you stay motivated to work towards your fitness goals.

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