A Complete Massage Chair Buying Guide in 2016

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A massage chair can give you the ultimate in at-home relaxation. These massage chairs generally give an all over massage that includes the legs and arms. Massage chairs usually use a combination of heat and massage to provide the best possible massage you can get without a visit from a professional masseuse.

A Complete Massage Chair Buying Guide in 2016

The biggest con to an actual massage chair is the price. A good one will cost you thousands of dollars. While the price is certainly worth it because of the health and relaxation benefits, this just makes it financially out of reach for many people. The other downfall of a standalone massage chair is the inability to move it easily from room to room. You will need to coordinate the look of the massage chair with other furniture pieces in your home since it is not easily hidden away when the company is expected.

Massage Chair Cushion

A massage chair cushion is an economical alternative to an actual massage chair, but it does have benefits that extend beyond its lower price tag. Most importantly, you can move it from room to room, giving you more versatility in use like the best zero gravity chair. You won’t need to worry as much about if it goes with your decor; you can simply remove it from the room when you are entertaining.

The most important thing to decide is whether you want a standalone massage chair or a massage chair cushion that is placed on a chair that you already own. There are pros and cons to each type.

The downside to a massage chair cushion is the lack of features coupled with a smaller massage area. Some high-end massage chair cushions do offer a wide range of features while others are very basic. However, no cushion insert can give you the all over full-body massage provided by a top-notch massage chair.

Adjustable for Size

Most massage chairs and massage chair cushions are made for an average sized person, about 5′ 10″. The massage nodes will not be optimally placed for anyone who is significantly taller or shorter than this. Some massage chairs and massage chair cushions are adjustable for size. Look for this feature if the massage chair will be used by someone who is not close to an average size.

Read the Massage Chair Reviews

You will find the massage chairs categorized by both price and brand to the right from Amazon.Com. Click on the price range or brand you are interested in. You will find an overview of each massage chair which includes the features of that model as well as an overall review and rating. Use this overview to narrow down your search before you move onto the individual reviews. This will save you time, avoiding the need to read thousands of reviews for massage chairs that won’t meet your needs. You can see the best massage chair list in 2016 from here for knowing the present trends.

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