Benefits of joining Weight Watchers

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Since Oprah announced that she lost 40 lbs on Weight Watchers, many people have considered joining the granddaddy of weight loss programs. What are the benefits it offers?

First off, Weight Watchers is a program that was founded over fifty years ago to help people with their journey towards weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.  It currently operates in over thirty countries and is well respected by those who help people move towards a healthy life style.  So why is Weight Watchers so beneficial?


Photo: Oprah says: “I eat anything I want. Tacos, pastas…I never felt deprived”

Life Changes

One of the things that makes Weight Watchers so beneficial is that it works on making life changes.  It is not intended to be a short term diet or crash weight loss system.  The focus is to making life changes that help you make healthy choices on a daily basis.  With education in nutritional requirements, how to chose healthy options even in social situations, and how fitness can be incorporated, Weight Watchers is about living a healthy lifestyle.

Flexible and Realistic

One huge benefit of Weight Watchers is that is designed to be flexible and realistic.  It follows the belief that if you need to feel satisfied and pleased with how you eat.  You should not be constantly hungry or eat unappealing foods.  The only way to stick with a healthy plan is to enjoy it and weight watchers helps you keep this in mind at all times.  It is also a realistic plan.  Weight Watchers accounts for the fact that you will be in social situations that require you eat foods that may not be the best choices.  It also understands that sometimes everyone needs to ‘cheat’ and eat that ‘forbidden food’.  It helps you make adjustments to your daily plan to account for this so that you can enjoy yourself at all times without suffering any guilt or denial later.

Support Systems

Weight Watchers also offers a top notch support system.  No matter what plan you follow – online or in person meetings, there is a support system for you.  You can talk to people who are on the same journey you are as well as people who have been on the journey to get help, support, and tips on how to be successful.  This support system is one of the greatest benefits to the Weight Watchers plan.

Finding Coupons

There is a wide range of coupons that are available for Weight Watchers. Lodlois offers a few.  They are offered for both the program itself as well as for the food that is offered to provide easy support for a weight loss plans.  If you are looking for Weight Watchers coupons that offer discounts for the Weight Watchers plans itself, there are a lot of great offers out there.  A quick internet search will provide you with a treasure trove.  For example, has offers for thirty percent off monthly plans and a coupon for a discount on three month plans.  If you are looking for coupons for the food itself, there are also a lot of options.  Check out your grocery stores circulars or turn to sites like offers a great search feature and will pull up a number of different Weight Watchers coupons that will save you a ton of money.

Weight Watchers can help you meet all of your health and weight loss goals.  There are great benefits to the program and coupons will help you to save money while enjoying your health journey.