What Causes Snoring And What You Can Do About It

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Many people ask what causes snoring to happen. Being a snorer, you may also have unanswered issues regarding the subject of snoring. These issues include different measures in preventing the snores which cause embarrassment as you sleep with others and the queries about the death tolls connected to snoring habits. And what cannot be left behind are the causes of snoring. Before being able to kick the habit of snoring out of your life, it is vital that to have a clear understanding of what causes snoring.

According to James Bradshaw, Snoring is an act of producing sound while sleeping. It is a sound that is considered harmless but bothers other people. But the question about the causes of snoring remains hanging.

Most studies claim that snoring is caused by fatty tissues that block the airways while you are sleeping. Blocked airways make it possible for the air to hit the walls of the throat that causes your snoring effect. Aside from fatty tissues, the tongue can also obstruct the passing of air in your nasal cavity. This happens if you are sleeping on your back. Although it cannot be denied that this position is most the most comfortable, still, sleeping on your stomach or sideways is recommended.

But if you cannot help but sleep while your back is comfortable lying in bed, you may just make your head a little higher to prevent the tongue of fatty tissues from getting in the way of breathing. Meanwhile, what causes snoring is the fact that your weight has increased incredulously giving you more fats that add to the likelihood of having breathing difficulty.


Snoring because of this ground can be avoided by simply having a workout that will burn your excess calories. Workouts may also serve as the therapeutic refuge from the stressful day. Conversely, stress also causes snoring problem and to deal with it you need to be engaged in therapeutic activity that will help you relax.

Alcohol and cigarette consumption are two of the factors that make snoring to happen. What causes snoring through these substances are the chemical components that get on your nerves directly to the point that this affects your sense of responses. Similarly, irritations may also happen on throat lining leading to the habit of snoring.

Consequently, smoking a cigar also causes irritation on the wall of your throat which can make your air passage a bit smaller. Also, nasal congestion is one of the bad effects of smoking. This congestion is what causes snoring upon sleeping.

Allergies like asthma, rhinitis and colds also cause snoring problems. These allergies often have nasal congestion as a symptom and as such, you may start breathing through your mouth which studies showed to have a relatively positive effect in triggering a snoring problem.

What causes snoring are the many factors around you or the many habits that you cannot help but carry out. The preventive measures of snoring will not work if you do not know what exactly causes your snoring habit. Knowing the cause makes sure that the treatment you are to take is what you needed, and you will not end up in a harsh decision such as surgery if the case is severe.