Breast Reduction Before and After – What to Look for

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Cosmetic surgery is still a surgery, and it has to be done correctly to avoid any risk that often could be quite damaging to your body. That’s why it’s very important that you choose your cosmetic surgeon carefully. One of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed nowadays is the breast reduction surgery. This is a surgery performed to those who feel that the size of their breasts are too large so they cannot do their daily activity conveniently.

But as said before, it must be performed by the right physician who has the ability to do the job flawlessly. One way to know the quality of a breast reduction surgeon is by examining the breast reduction before and after pictures of the doctor’s past clients, which can tell you a lot about the doctor’s expertise.


Here are the things that you should pay attention to in these before and after pictures:


Sagging is one of the main reasons why women perform breast reduction and lift. This condition is often caused by the tearing of breast tissue when you’re doing some heavy activities. Checkout if the after pictures still show any sagging or not, because it could really make the breasts look ugly.


A good cosmetic surgeon knows how to reduce breast size to an appropriate proportion. It would be useless if you can have a boob reduction surgery but the result is your breasts still don’t look proportional to your body. So checkout the pictures whether the surgeon is able to create proportionate breasts for the patients or not.


For breasts, symmetrical is a very important aspect. Usually everything non-symmetrical will look out of place or odd. Symmetrical breasts in the after pictures are showing that the surgeon really has steady hands, because creating symmetrical breasts is really not an easy job. If the surgeon is able to do this, it means you are dealing with a very experienced cosmetic surgeon.


Position of the breasts is also a determining aspect of the quality of the surgery. As women age, their breasts will start sagging and hang lower than where they used to. For women who have large breasts, this condition could create some serious problems, including chronic back pain, neck pain, as well as making women don’t feel confident about their appearance. We also often see breasts that are positioned too close or too far from each other after a cosmetic surgery. Even if the shape of the breasts are good, if they’re not positioned properly they will look awful and weird. So this is another important thing that you should pay attention to in before after pictures.


This is something often overlooked when examining before after pictures. Mostly because we think that the position and size of areola (the skin around the nipple) is something that cannot be changed. That is incorrect, actually a good surgeon will be able to alter the position and size of your areola. If you see areola that’s too big, too small, or not positioned properly, then the surgeon is not doing a very good job.