Pancakes Might be the Answer to a Healthier Relationship

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This might sound a bit odd, but I do believe pancakes can lead to a healthier relationship. And I have the perfect example to prove it!

See, me and my boyfriend are what you’d call the perfect couple and I believe it is because we do things together. And by things I don’t only mean watching movies and going out, we also like cooking together.

Our cooking routine consists of us visiting our favorite food site MyGreatRecipes, and preparing different and unique recipes each day.

And lately we got hooked on Over 100 Recipes for American Pancakes they offer.

Pancakes That Will Make You and Your Partner Happier


Since the moment pancaking became our all-time favorite activity, we both noticed that the quality of our relationship has increased tremendously.

Our all-time favorite pancake recipe? Well, this is a tough one, but if we had to choose only one, we both would have gone with the Buttermilk Pancakes with Blueberry Compote.

And no, I am not just saying this off the top of my head.

First of all, we are both blueberries crazy. It is their freshness and tanginess that got us hooked to this particular recipe. Not to mention the buttermilk pancakes’ taste! Their pillowy soft texture and fluffiness are not something one gets to try every day (well at least if you don’t prepare them on a daily basis as we do now).

Second, the recipe is made for team preparation. While I am preparing the pancakes, Mark takes care of the compote, and in less than half an hour we are ready to eat our favorite pancake stack.

Third, whenever we eat these pancakes we put on the very first song we danced on (I’m Blue).

Pancakes Will Put an End to Any Jealousy Your Relationship Might Suffer


If you have a partner who is extremely jealous, maybe pancakes are the answer that will put an end to the jealousy.

How you ask?

Well after you’ve surprised your loved one with a batch of perfect pancakes, like the Oreo Cookies Pancakes or the Red Velvet Pancakes, or the Reese’s double Chocolate Pancakes, how can they ever think you don’t love them?

The mere glance on these pancakes will make your heart skip a bit, and after trying them, you will forget everything except the fact that you love these pancakes as much as you love your partner.

Love Is food and food is love, this is my motto, so if someone can go through a day of pancaking only with the purpose of making you happy, then he/she must love you! (No room for jealousy here J)


Remember, LOVE is all about spending quality time together, and what better way to spend it than prepare and later enjoy a pancake stack you both adore.

It worked with me and Mark, so why can’t it work for you? Go ahead and whip a batch of tasty pancakes and you will see how much things will change, and for the better!