Personalized Skincare Trends that Promise to Pump in 2020

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Every year there are new personalized skincare rituals and news from this universe that make us curious to test! And since the beauty and wellness routine has never been talked about so much, 2020 will be a promising year for personalized skincare.

Technology, personalized beauty, cute packaging and healthy eating are some of the beauty trends for upcoming year. Check out the personalized skincare trends that promise to pump in 2020:

Personalized Skincare Trends that Promise to Pump in 2020

  1. C-Beauty

The main difference between C-Beauty and its predecessors (K and J-beauty) is that the Chinese are leading the technological advances in the beauty market. C-Beauty is less about the beauty routine itself and more about the technology behind each product.

  1. Custom Beauty

2020 will be the year when the beauty industry will definitely embrace customization. New products will be designed to meet each individual’s specific needs and devices can be programmed to act on each user. Gradually, what is not customized or pre-programmed to meet personal needs will be left out.

  1. Seasonality

Seasonality has emerged strongly in recent years in the food sector, which has highlighted the need to consume seasonal products while respecting the natural cycles of land and vegetables.

In the beauty industry, this concept will gain traction in 2020, with new beauty solutions and rituals to cater to different seasons.

  1. Active Beauty

In 2020, we will see more brands integrating beauty with well-being and vice versa with appliances and launches ranging from bathroom to gym bag, present before or after sports and offering personal care in an integrated way.

  1. The age of beauty gadgets

In 2020, we saw the rise of “beauty at home,” with many companies launching all-purpose home solutions. The beauty industry has moved to bring the best of clinics and spas straight to consumer bathrooms, and again technology has been the driver.