Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) Symptoms & Causes

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A urinary tract infection is an infection that could disturb your urinary system, including your ureters, kidneys, urethra and bladder. It may lead to severe health condition if not detected at early stage. The lower urinary tract consisting of urethra and bladder is more prone to these types of infections. The risk of developing urinary tract infections is higher in women compared to men. So, it’s better that you should immediately see your doctor if you feel something problematic in your urinary tract. To know more about urinary tract infections and their treatments, visit uti.co.nz.



Bacteria such as E. coli are the main culprits that are in the ideal position to invade the urethra through anus. That’s why we are often told to wipe our genital area from front to back to reduce the likelihood of getting any infection. So, you should keep this in mind next time you use bathroom. Women are more susceptible to UTIs because they have smaller urethras. These bacteria can also find their way to urethra during sex.


To identify a urinary tract infection (UTI), you should be a little skeptical about following symptoms:

  • Intense or frequent urge to urinate
  • A burning feeling while urinating
  • Pressure or pain in your abdomen or back
  • Strange-smelling urine, which could be dark, bloody or cloudy
  • Fever or chills (a severe condition in which it may reach your kidneys)

If you encounter any of the above symptoms, you should immediately visit your doctor to get the right treatment based on the severity of your condition. Ignoring any of these symptoms can lead to serious health problems. Have something to add to this story? Please feel free and don’t hesitate to share your valuable thoughts in the comment section below. We always value your feedback.

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