Black Cohosh Home Based Remedy for Abortion

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Black Cohosh is an herb that is proved to be helpful in safe abortion of early pregnancy. It is quite in-effective by itself however when taken with blue cohosh or red cohosh gives relevant results. It would induce uterine contraction which would result into miscarriage when taken in conjunction with blue cohosh.


It is also beneficial in helping resolve female problems like menstrual cramps, hormonal imbalance, menopause difficulties. Blue Cohosh even induces delayed periods. It balances out hormonal production of estrogen which is necessary to lead a healthy fertile life both for men and women.

These herbs have many side effects as well and should be taken under medical supervision. People with any kind of heart disease should not take this herb as it induces increased rate of heart beats. In case you feel any kind of dizziness, diarrhea, nausea, headaches, vomiting then you should stop taking it further and should immediately consult a physician.

In case somebody is on anti-depressant medication then too he or she should avoid taking black cohosh.

Black Cohosh helps ripen the cervix to release the fetus. It is also often taken by pregnant women to have easy delivery. In case to abort a child during early pregnancy, Black Cohosh should be taken in conjunction with vitamin C or Dong Quai to have safe abortion without much complexities. While high dosage of vitamin C will induce the abortion of unwanted pregnancy, intake of black cohosh will help loosen the cervix for said home based abortion. One can take one to four Black Cohosh tablets every day until required results are obtained.


You should apply home based abortion remedies only when you are less than ten weeks pregnant. Using these remedies post ten weeks can cause various complexities. The child’s hands and feet start to develop after ten weeks and it would not be able to clean completely from your system without a physician removing it manually. All these remedies are generally meant for pregnancy that have last for less than a month. When taken immediately after having sex, it can help you relieve from the tension of getting pregnant unnecessarily.

These remedies help you regain control of your life by avoiding an unplanned pregnancy to ruin your life’s plans. One can even opt for these herbs as a contraceptive within 72 hours of having unprotected sex. In case you are not able to get the Black Cohosh pills you can even boil the root of black cohosh with some water. Now drain this water and use one tablespoon of this concentrate in one cup of water three times in a day. One should try this remedy for maximum six days and if not proving beneficial then should go for other safer methods or consult a physician. Everybody reacts to these home-based remedies differently and it may prove beneficial for some and may not at all work for others.

Black Cohosh is a very powerful herb with various medicinal properties and is a safe option for homebased abortion.